Heard of so many names and brands on social media and still suspicious or confused about efficacy of the treatments? You are not alone. It has never been more difficult to understand all medical Aesthetic technologies. Fortunatelly with our over 20 years’ clinical experiences and continued learning of state of the art technologies and science, we are the master of all skin condition gold stardard treatments

Is Gold Standard treatment more expensive?

Simply no. Gold standard is the medical term used in pharmacy development and it is the prioritised and most recommended treatment for any skin condition endorsed by clinnical operations, medical papers and world recognised institutions. It is also the guidance to treat skin based on fully understanding of skin anatomy and then how laser, light, ultrasound, RF with various technologies featured would influence on skin. Choosing correct treatment would save you money, time and possbile pain experienced.

For example, gold standard treatment for acne scarring is CO2 laser combined with Dye laser and depending on individual cases, treatments and products can vary but you would see a number of treatment names with overpromising claims. In fact some scarring cannot be 100% cured and deep penetration would lead to longer down time. We recommend you discuss your expectations with our expert team and we are here to listen and share refined Aesthetic knowledge at CBC Cosmetics & Laser Clinic

What is FDA & TGA Cleared Equipment and products

FDA & TGA is the government bodies to supervise use of medical equipment and products and FDA & TGA clearance means the efficacy and safety is certified. Quality of laser beam like even distribution, spot size and reliability can have a huge impact on clinical results. For examples some spots & pigments cannot be treat with high influence of laser especially with Asian clients. So precise treating on areas of mixed spots is chanllenging (technology & experiences required) and it also relies on quality of equipment (the right amount of heat or photoacoustic energy precisely been delivered)

FDA clearance is also a guidance for Aesthetic treatment plan because Ultrasound can target deeper tissues and Mono-polar RF as electricity cannot penetrate fat layers to reach SMAS layers so Ultherapy(ultrasound device) is cleared for face lift(to stimulate collagen regrowth both in dermis and SMAS) while Thermage(mono-polar device) is only cleared for face tignting(stimulation of dermis collagen growth)

We are proudly announcing our clinic is using 13 TGA/FDA cleared Aesthetical equipment and able to provide all TGA certified treatments for all skin types and conditions.

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