Hi This is Laura, today we will update your knowledge about micro needling.

One dermapen treatment can make 1million micro-channels in your face so it provides best opportunity all serums can be infused and absorbed in your skin to provide a synergy of boosting your skin with nutrition and collagen & elastin regeneration when healing.Together with a number of formulas provided by premium brands worldwide, this treatment is very effective for body stretch marks, skin brightening up and pore size shrinkage and it synergies with laser treatment.

Some people like using derma roller at home we highly recommend you keep your roller hygiene and sterilized and do not push too hard because downtime for derma roller is basically longer and skin trauma is higher. Do not use at home roller for small and sensitive areas and leave those to our professional treatment.Once again, I’ve got a special gift for our dermapen & MTS package customers: one Skinceuticals at home derma roller. We will explain the detailed techniques and required products face to face.

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