1st time Buy one get one free for Pigmentation Clearance & Tattoo Removal & Skin Rejuvenation.

During Treatment

Picoway creates Laser induced Cavitations(LICs) in the dermis & Laser induced Optical Breakdown(LIOBs) in the dermal-epidermal injunction,while leaving the epidermis intact.

Post Treatment
Stimulate a healing response and skin remodelling that be used for skin rejuvenation, improvement of scarring, pore size minimizing and skin texture resurfacing.

Our advantage

The only FDA approved dual wave length Resolve Skin Rejuvenation Solution
Safe, Stable & Predictable energy delivered
3 wave length Synergy for best Pigmentation Clearance


high peak power and short pulse durations

Fastest Laser with less heat and side effects

Painless Treatment

Non invasive & Precise Treating Pigments
Greater efficacy with pure photoacoustic energy
No downtime

20 Years Clinical Experiences
Treating Caucasian & Asian skins
Experts for Stubborn complicated spots & pigments

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