Unwanted body fat and cellulite is one of the most common and frustrating cosmetic concerns with very few solutions. In fact, natural ways to fight against unwanted fat and cellulite are difficult to achieve. However, with help of nonsurgical treatment, slimming and body shaping can be easy and quick. By using cutting-edge medical slimming systems like Coolshape, Emshape and Venus Freeze which target on fat reduction, muscle gain and cellulite reduction respectively, we can finally customise a body slimming and shaping treatment right for you.

Is topical fat reduction even possible?

Exercising generally can reduce your whole body fat while Coolshape using FDA approved technology called Cryolipolysis that deliver precisely controlled cooling to permanently kill fat cells on treated areas. In this way topical fat reduction is possible. The other benefit with fat reduction is cellulite symptoms can be improved at the same time because the size of your body fat determines severity of cellulite.

Another way to better shape your body is to boost your muscle growth by using FDA approved technology called high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) that pulses delivered to your muscle tissue, creating supramaximal muscle contractions that activate more muscle fibers than what you can achieve through normal exercise. Stronger muscle tissue contribute to quicker burning of topical fat.

Venus Freeze is the best tool for cellulite removal and skin laxity improvement after unwanted fat is reduced. Multi-polar RF and Magnetic Field Frequency for skin tighting so you can enjoy a smoothier and slimmer and reshaped body after the program.

Who is the best candidate for body contouring treatment?

Fortunately, most men and women can be considered best candidates for CBC body contouring treatments while ideal patients should be:

  • Having a good diet plan to help achieve best possible result (discuss your diet plan with our experts)
  • Not pregnant and keep a good lifestyle
  • Have realistic expectations

The best way to tell whether or not you are right for the program is to consult with our expert team.

What is the best diet plan?

There are quite many diet and exercise plans which are quite effective in short term but not very successful in long run. CBC Cosmetics & Laser Clinic body contouring program always recommend you the most suitable diet plan that you can understand and like. Ketosis is one of our most recommended diet plans to start and our principle is to review and change diet plan every 3 months. Based on our experiences, strict ketosis dieting should be adjusted after 3 months and carbohydrate recycling could be the next stage and all the details of your diet and exercise plan must be discussed with our expert team.

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