Always check Ultherapy official website to verify the authenticity of your service provider. Don’t be fooled by a copycat because your safety is utmost as well as efficacy. Real matters every single time because results matter. We are proud to announce that CBC Cosmetics & Laser Clinic is one of the few clinics in Sydney equipped with all types of genuine FDA/TGA certified laser, IPL, Ultrasound and RF aesthetic devices.

去超声刀Ulthera官网去查询诊所仪器的真伪,不要被假冒的仪器诱骗,毕竟治疗的安全性至关重要,效果也同样重要。CBC Cosmetics & Laser Clinic为悉尼为数不多拥有全品类激光,脉冲光,超声,射频FDA/TGA认证仪器的医美诊所,店内一切疗程产品均为正品正版。

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