The only FDA Cleared treatment for skin lifting as well as skin tightening, Ultherapy, still the gold standard for deep dermis and SMAS rejuvenation & collagen reproduction. Say yes to non-surgical face & neck lift, take your time off on your skin like no other can. 10 Year Experienced HIFU & Ultherapy clinicians at CBC Cosmetics & Laser Clinic.

唯一FDA认证皮肤提拉和紧致疗程,Ultherapy仍然是真皮深层,筋膜层年轻化和胶原增殖的黄金标准,消除时光在你皮肤上的痕迹,无创脸部和颈部紧致提升,10年经验操作,尽在CBC Cosmetics & Laser Clinic。

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