Daily expressions leading to wrinkles as facial muscle moves and damages collagen and elastin which are the framework of the skin. Overtime skin loses its ability to spring back into place and dynamic wrinkle become permanent. Toxin-A injections blocks signals from nerves to prevent muscle movement so stopping damage to our dermis leaving skin to rejuvenate and improve wrinkle appearance. For more info, consult our clinicians at CBC Cosmetic & Laser Clinic

日常表情会产生动态皱纹,因为面部肌肉运动会损害胶原和弹力纤维让皮肤无法复原而形成永久的皱纹。A型肉毒会阻断肌肉和神经的连接停止肌肉运动对真皮层的伤害让皮肤有时间修复和改善皱纹的外观。更多咨询请来CBC Cosmetic & Laser Clinic咨询吧。

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