Introducing the NEW Harmony XL Pro with 2 new hand pieces. which can treat 72 FDA cleared indications like acne, vascular legions, pigmented legions, skin remodeling and rejuvenation.

As the first Harmony XL user (started owned 1st generation Alma Harmony XL in 2012), CBC Cosmetics & Laser Clinic will continue to provide fantastic results for our members.

隆重推荐带有2个新治疗头的新一代Harmony XL Pro, 可以治疗72种FDA批准的适应症,如痤疮,血管性病变,色素病变,皮肤重塑和年轻化。

作为2012年起第一代飞顿Harmony XL的使用者,CBC Cosmetics & Laser Clinic会继续用升级过的新仪器为我们的会员提供最好的治疗。

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