Get to know the fine and principal ingredients of Fillmed Products in order to combine and customize your own skincare routine. Consult our clinician for any question you have at CBC Cosmetics & Laser Clinic. Cleanse & Exfoliate to prepare your skin, Target specific skin concern with selected serums, Hydrate with an adapted cream for your skin type, 2-3 time weekly applying complementary masks.

快来了解菲洛嘉Fillmed产品的主要明星成分来搭配设计你的日常护肤习惯吧。清洁去角质,选择精华解决皮肤问题,选择适用的保湿霜,每周两到三次的补充养护面膜。来咨询CBC Cosmetics & Laser Clinic的医美顾问,帮您解惑一切产品搭配和使用心得

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