Femilift is the Latest Feminine Laser by utilising higher power & deeper penetration for better efficacy. The 70w inherent CO2 technology delivers the result without comparables and it is not the old erbium laser which can only target very superficially and downtime is much less with shorter pulse durations. Femilift can improve your sex life and solve your feminine problems like urine leakage. Please feel free to have a free consultation today.

Femilift 是最新的私密激光,利用更高的功率和更深的穿透力以获得更好的效果。 70w 相干CO2激光提供了无可比拟的效果,不像旧的铒激光器只能治疗非常表浅的皮肤组织,Femilift的修复时间更短,同样能量下需要的脉冲持续时间更短。它可以改善您的性生活并解决您的女性问题,例如漏尿。请随时进行免费咨询。

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