Hi this is Laura, today we will update your knowledge about 2 common reasons for skin aging. Fat loss and bone loss. As most people know, loss of elastin and collagen happen in dermis tissue which leads to scarring (in extreme cases), wrinkles and skin laxity. You may overlook how fat and bone loss effect on skin aging.

Dermis depth is averagely 2.5-3mm and most visible sunken and deflated cheeks are due to dermis aging plus loss of bones and loss of fat tissues. For preventing loss of bones, facial massage (pressure on face bones) and abundant intaking of vitamin D and calcium can help a little. Good sleep and exercise may help maintain bone volume and hormone level is another contributor. However, all the methods above can only prevent bone loss, we feel powerless on this.

For treating fat losses, we have to start as early as possible so underlying support fat is maintained mostly so your existing lines and sagging can be improved and deep wrinkles and lines are not deepened. Fat loss on foreheads and upper face are more apparent while eye bags are basically underlying fat tissued moved due to gravity. Lower face generally has more fat tissues so fat loss could result undefined jawlines.

The gold standard treatment is low influence Ultrasound & Radio frequency for stimulating fat cells regrowth and contouring the face together with low dose hyaluronic acid filling in subcutaneous tissue to provide lost volume and stimulates fat cell reproduction. Do not over fill your face with dermal fillers because fillers in dermis do not rejuvenate your skin only fillers in fat layers help stimulate fat cells grow and bind the HA cells. Too much fillers could lead to more laxity because fillers will travel over long time with more gravity impact. Fat grafting is a surgical way to help restore loss of fat. However, it is an invasive operation and grafted fat cells are often absorbed and repeated maintenance operations are needed and it is only recommended for severe deflated faces.

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