Ultra V Lift is a non-invasive approach for natural-looking facial lifting and tightening with real results and no downtime. It uses HIFU and MPRF technology to lift and tighten loose skin, contour jawline and decrease necklines and wrinkles, and treats drooping eyebrows and eyelids.

Ultra V Lift utilizes high-frequency-focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy and Multiple Polar Radio Frequency to instantly contract collagen fibers and promote long term collagen growth for a natural, lifted look without the downtime.

Our clinicians will cover all post care requirements.

Certain diseases such as diabetes and some immune inhibiting medication would affect would healing and compromise the results so please advise our clinicians.

Moisturizers and sun cream and cooling masks can help skin to recover more quickly.

Combination Treatments

Ultra V Lift is a combined RF plus HIFU treatment for overall skin rejuvenation and can be safely combined with laser and cosmetic injection treatment like anti-wrinkle injections and collagen and hyaluronic acid fillers.

The ideal candidate

The ideal candidates for Ultra V Lift is anyone who wants a rejuvenated skin with more skin tightening and lifting and reduced wrinkles and improving skin skin aging.

Authentic Treatment

We use the FDA/TGA cleared Ultra V Lift from the world leading cosmetic and medical device producer like Candela, Cynosure, Alma, Venus Concepts, and etc. All laser consumables and hand pieces are authentic and operated by experienced CBC clinicians.

Ultra V Lifting

Tightening and lifting skin and contouring jawline to have a V lifting.


Frequently Asked Questions

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