Mesoestetic Anti-Aging facial specializes in the development of the most innovative and efficient solutions for skin treatment and care. It incorporates advanced formulas such as mesoeclat and stem cell essences and radiance DNA range.

Utilising professional medical peeling, it stimulates the renewal of the surface layer of the skin, increases the luminosity, moisturizes and hydrates the skin from deep within. It also helps to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and acts directly on signs of aging.

Mesoestetic anti-aging skincare applies most therapeutic correcting serum after most effective medical grade chemical peeling. It can address most difficult to treat skin concerns and improves skin quality by combining tailor made serums, most effective anti-aging ingredients skin nutrition.

Our clinicians will cover all post care requirements depending on peels used.

While there are quite a number of different peels and procedures, apply soothing masks and post procedure skin repairing cream helps rebuilding skin barriers and prevents any complications and shortens recovery time.

Apply physical sun creams to prevent direct sun exposure prior to and post treatment and please note chemical sun cream can be absorbed by your compromised skin then irritates your skin and cause side effects.

Combination Treatments

Mesoestetic anti-aging facial works best with all energy-based devices like Laser, Ultrasound and RF treatments to treat photo-aging, wrinkles, pores and skin textures and provide long term rejuvenation and anti-aging results. Special attention is required when determining treatment intervals between peels and other cosmetic treatments.

The ideal candidate

The ideal candidates for Mesoestetic anti-aging skincare have skin concerns like acne, spots, blocked pores, wrinkles, dehydrated skin, discoloration and aging. Rosacea and sensitized skin can be treated with adjusted formulas.

Authentic Chemical Peeling

We are the official Mesoestetics stocklister and all medical grade peeling products and consumables are authentic and are administered by experienced CBC clinicians.

Mesoestetic Anti-Aging

Maximum effect to treat wrinkles, pores, lines and dehydration.

Hydration & Rejuvenation Peeling

High concentrations in plant cell extracts also give the range the power to respond to signs of advanced photo aging and repairing skins damaged by intrinsic factors, stress or environmental agents.

Radiance DNA

Radiance DNA has the innovative recovery complex, a unique combination of active substances for stage iv aging for their cell DNA anti-oxidative, protecting and repair properties.


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