Medik8 signature anti-aging skincare is called Platinum Facial and offers superior results alongside an incredibly luxurious, sensorial experience. Expect glowing, rejuvenated skin; lines and wrinkles are softened with a visibly even skin tone. With absolutely no downtime, it’s the perfect pre-party prep or big event skin saver.

As our signature, this facial includes exclusive products that are not used in any other treatment we offer, nor sold at retail. The only way to experience them is by trying the remarkable Platinum Facial for yourself. And 2 such exclusives are the Scientific Mushroom Thermal exfoliator and Age Defying Mask.

Medik8 has a number of unique products proven to be gentle and safe for sensitive skin yet powerful rejuvenate your skin with highest dosage retinol and retinol alternative.

One of the star products of Medik8 Platinum Facial is the Age Defying Mask. Blended with platinum particles giving it its unique silver color, this rubber mask is blended ‘live’ by our clinician and applied all over the face. The mask is then left on for around 10 minutes while you receive an indulgent scalp massage. After 10 minutes, the rubber mask is gently lifted away from the face to reveal a glowing, even complexion. You can even see the areas of dehydration, lines and wrinkles imprinted on the inside of the mask.

Our clinicians will advise all necessary post care.

Apply physical sun creams to avoid sun exposure post treatment and skin barrier repair products are recommended.

Please note chemical sun cream can be absorbed by skin through compromised skin barrier and cause irritation.

Combination Treatments

Medik8 Platinum facial is great for treating dry and sensitive skin and can be combined with retinol products to improve skin quality. Laser/IPL is best combining with Medik8 skin care to provide better skin tone and rebuild with stronger skin barrier.  It helps to recover damaged skin and can be safely performed to enhance cosmetic treatment result.

The ideal candidate

The ideal candidates for Medik8 skincare have skin concerns like dry, dehydrated, aging and sensitive skin.  You can expect a more hydrated, rejuvenated and relieved skin from this skin care.

Authentic Chemical Peeling

We are the official  Medik8 stocklister and all medical grade peeling products and consumables are authentic and are administered by experienced CBC clinicians.

Platinum Anti-Aging Facial

Anti-Aging, hydrating and luxury facial.

Pores Minimizing Skincare

Minimizing pore sizes, rejuvenation and hydrating.


Frequently Asked Questions

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