The leading Laser and IPL platform in the aesthetic industry offers the narrowest band IPL technology which is called DPL that can filter out unwanted wavelength to maximum treatment efficacy and reduce risks, discomfort and downtime.

The largest energy output ensures the patients can receive the benefits of skin rejuvenation, pigments, vascular clearance and skin barrier rebuilding and dermis remodeling.

By selecting different wave lengths, pulse duration and energy, hemoglobin, melanin, water in skin cells are be the target cells/tissues of the harmony treatment.

Harmony laser uses laser or DPL induced heating and coagulation to rejuvenate skin, destroy pigments and vascular legions and rebuild skin barrier.

Our clinicians will cover all post care requirements depending on the hand pieces used.

Retinol and other Vitamin A derivatives must be stopped 2-3 weeks after laser.

Apply physical sun creams to prevent direct sun exposure prior to and post treatment and please note chemical sun cream can be absorbed by your compromised skin then irritates your skin and cause side effects.

Combination Treatments

Harmony Laser treatment has a variety of options can be combined with Radio Frequency and ultrasound and Picoway to treat aging skin, discoloration and working well with BHA peeling to treat acne.

The ideal candidate

The ideal candidates for Harmony Laser have skin concerns like acne, vascular lesions, rosacea and redness, discoloration, aging, and dehydrated skin.

Authentic Chemical Peeling

We use the authentic Alma laser produced Harmony XL Pro and all laser consumables, hand pieces are authentic and operated by experienced CBC clinicians.

Vascular Laser

Remove and clear vascular legions like broken capillaries and facial and body veins.

Acne Laser

3 hand pieces to inhibit sebum secretion in the oil glands, killing p.acne bacteria, reduce inflammation and redness and prevent acne marks and acne scars.

Rejuvenation & Skin Tightening Laser

Skin tightening and rejuvenation laser.


Frequently Asked Questions

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