DMK Skin Revision Facials offer a multitude of benefits, primarily focusing on enhancing the skin’s overall health and appearance. The innovative enzyme therapy at its core is designed to stimulate the skin’s natural enzymatic activities, leading to improved structural integrity. This treatment is particularly effective for a variety of skin concerns, including Rosacea, sensitized skin, Melasma, and Acne. It works by promoting a balanced skin environment, optimizing the function of skin probiotics, and encouraging the skin’s natural regenerative processes. As a result, users can expect a clearer, more radiant complexion, reduced signs of aging, and an overall improvement in skin texture and tone.

The DMK Skin Revision Facial operates through its distinctive enzyme therapy, which enhances the skin’s natural enzymatic activities, thereby improving blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and oxygenation. This process detoxifies the skin and strengthens its structural integrity, essential for addressing specific conditions like Rosacea, sensitized skin, Melasma, and Acne. It effectively stimulates collagen and elastin production, reducing signs of aging and improving skin texture. Additionally, the treatment harmonizes the skin’s microbiome, fostering a healthier environment for skin probiotics. This holistic approach not only targets surface imperfections but also fortifies the skin’s overall health and resilience, making it more adept at self-repair and protection against environmental stressors.

DMK Skin Revision is a no downtime treatment. Our clinicians will cover all post care requirements if any therapeutic cosmetic and laser treatment is combined.
Combination Treatments

DMK Skin Revision complements energy-based treatments such as Laser, Ultrasound, and RF (Radio Frequency) therapies effectively. When combined with these modalities, it not only delivers instant results but also ensures long-term skin benefits, especially when tailored formulas and dosages are prescribed by our experienced clinicians. It’s important for clients to consult with our specialists before using any at-home peelings or peel-like actives, as incorrect usage or overuse can compromise the skin’s barrier, leading to increased sensitivity. This integrated approach to skincare, leveraging both professional treatments and guided at-home care, optimizes skin health and enhances the efficacy of combination therapies.

The ideal candidate

Ideal candidates for DMK Skin Revision include individuals seeking to address specific skin concerns such as aging signs, acne and acne scars, hyperpigmentation issues like Melasma, and sensitive skin conditions including Rosacea. It is also suitable for those aiming to improve skin texture and overall health. The treatment’s customizable nature makes it effective for a wide range of skin types. However, a professional consultation is recommended to ensure its suitability for each person’s unique skin needs and conditions.

Authentic Chemical Peeling

We are the official Mesoestetics, Fillmed, Skinceuticals, DMK, Intraceuticals, Medik8, Mila Dopiz stocklister and all products used are TGA/FDA cleared. You would be cared under the hands of experienced CBC clinicians.

DMK Enzyme Therapy

Enhances skin’s enzymatic functions and health through detoxification and improved circulation.

DMK Peel Therapy

Delivers deep skin nourishment and hydration to strengthen and rejuvenate.

DMK Nutrition Therapy

Delivers deep skin nourishment and hydration to strengthen and rejuvenate


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