Dermapen 4 treatment is an advanced micro-needling technology with less epidermal damage, less pain, more precise depth control, and more effective results. It promotes dermis healing and induces collagen and elastin regeneration so it can reduce wrinkles and shrink pores and tighten and rejuvenate your skin. By creating millions of microchannels, it is one of the most effective drug delivery methods so it can be used to deliver PRP, PRF, skin boosters, and other medications and ingredients to different layers of skin. It is also a good tool to facilitate scar recovery by combining with CO2 laser and subcision. Dermapen 4 treatment uses a one-off non-reusable sterile tip and it can be treated on hard-to-reach places and almost all of the body skin. It is not an energy-based device so it has less risk for colored skin patients. Renewing the epidermis of the skin, Dermapen4 also improves overall skin tone and texture and accelerates skin cell turnovers.

Dermapen 4 uses 9 pin needles to pierce skin and creates millions of fine fractional channels in the treated area. The channels are then used as drug delivery system allowing actives and ingredients to deliver to the correct layers of skin to treat acne, rosacea, dermis aging, scar tissue softening and hyper pigmentation.

Your skin also initiates natural process of repair which results a boosting of collagen and elastin and skin resurfacing and remodeling. Before and post the treatment a medical sterile procedure is performed to ensure the whole treatment is safe and sterile and skin is protected from any infection.

Our clinicians will cover all post care requirements depending on products and formulas used.

While there are quite a number of different peels and procedures, apply soothing masks and post procedure skin repairing cream helps rebuilding skin barriers and prevents any complications and shortens recovery time.

Apply physical sun creams to prevent direct sun exposure prior to and post treatment and please note chemical sun cream can be absorbed by your compromised skin then irritates your skin and cause side effects.

Combination Treatments

Dermapen4 is a great companion with energy-based devices like Laser, Ultrasound and RF treatments. It can penetrate deeper (as deep as 4mm) so provides best result for scar repair combining with Fractional RF and CO2 laser. When treating acne, laser can be used as oil secretion inhibitor and dermapen4 can be used to penetrate skin and infuse oxygen and serums to kill bacteria if right products used and correct protocols followed.  Because of skin scabbing and epidermis rebuilding effect of dermapen4 treatment, retinol must be stopped 3 weeks after the treatment.

The ideal candidate

The ideal candidates for dermapen4 have skin concerns like moderate acne, hyper pigmentation , rosacea, enlarged pores, scars, wrinkles and photo-aging skin.  Our CBC dermapen4 has more advanced serums and formulas like peptides and stem cell essences to provide better results.

Authentic Chemical Peeling

We are the official dermapen4 provider and the cosmetic clinic using dermapen for more than 8 years. We have been using standard and advanced formulas of dermapen 3 and dermapen 4 and all consumables and products are authentic and managed by experienced CBC clinicians.

Dermapen Acne Treatment

Using a potent combination of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial formula and deliver into papillary dermis to treat mild to moderate acne, improve and prevent acne marks and acne scaring, working best with BHA chemical peels.

Dermapen4 PIH treatment

Delivering medications and melanin inhibiting actives to basal layers of skin, it helps to fade melasma, hyper pigmentation and treats discoloration.  By accelerating epidermis cells turnover, a healthier and brighter skin could be expected after the session.

Dermapen4 Scar treatment

Using scar mode, it can penetrates up to 4mm of skin tissue covering the entire dermis layer and soften scar tissue and creates opportunity for new collagen and elastin growth on scar areas.


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