Dermaclear is the most gentle hydra dermabrasion platform consisting of three key steps: medical grade exfoliating, deep cleansing, and hydrating. It deeply cleanses the pores, extracts the impurities, and diffuses the skin with the most hydrating serum and skin nutrition. You would enjoy refreshed, hydrated and nourished skin with clear pores and a smooth feeling.

Dermaclear works in a 3-step process, pairing the highest quality of designated solutions with each step. Its unique rotating tip and powerful suction action enable a deep cleansing process and extraction of impurities, while ensuring highly effective penetration of solutions into the skin. These solutions posses antioxidant properties which are impossible to deliver with traditional micro dermabrasion.

Our clinicians will advise all necessary post care.

Apply physical sun creams to avoid sun exposure post treatment and skin barrier repair products are recommended.

Please note chemical sun cream can be absorbed by skin through compromised skin barrier and cause irritation.

Combination Treatments

Dermaclear is an perfect pre-procedure treatment can be used before all cosmetic treatment. Because of its powerful cleansing effect, it can be combined with all anti-aging and pore minimizing treatment like ultrasound, laser treatment. It also helps preventing acne and reduces inflammation.

The ideal candidate

The ideal candidates for dermaclear are almost everyone who wants a more hydrated and cleansed face. It can be treated on sensitive and even sensitized and rosacea patients. It provides instant relieve from congestive pores and oily, dirty skin yet very gentle on dry skin too.

Authentic Chemical Peeling

We are the official Dermaclear clinical provider. All skin solutions, tips and consumables are authentic and the treatments would be administered by experienced CBC clinicians.

Dermaclear Oily Skin Solution

Dermaclear oily skin solution uses higher suction and higher flow rate of cleansing and exfoliating serum to help cleanse oily and dirty skin.

Dermaclear Hydrating Most

Best hydrating solution is applied after skin cleansed on gentle setting so the whold treatment is more gentle and comfortable and provides maximum hydrating effect to your skin.


Frequently Asked Questions

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